TRACKD is a complete project-management application that provides real-time updates for clients.

From the app, a user can add and validate any required information, view their orders in a list or as markers on a map, get driving directions to the worksite locations, upload photo documentation and work-related comments, and contact the appropriate managers with any questions or concerns.

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What you can do

Reporting information such as start and finish dates and times, timestamp and location information of each photo, and order status information is automatically recorded without the need for external apps or additional steps from the user, allowing them to spend more time focusing on their work.

Stay updated

Clients, contractors, and managers all have their own portal and login information where they can view order documentation, providing quick and convenient updates as each order is completed. Additionally, clients can receive notifications providing completion details as each order is finished.

This reduces the amount of time spent on the phone or in emails, and more time focusing on completing orders and maintaining productivity.

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